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HMS Arethusa
Training Ship Arethusa

The first training ship was the small frigate HMS Chichester. In 1874 she was replaced by the screw frigate HMS Arethusa of the Constance class.


HMS Curacoa - a ship of the same class as HMS Arethusa.

HMS Arethusa - Constance class frigate of 50 guns

Displacement    2125 tons
Length of gun deck    180'
Length of keel    146' 10¼"
Beam    5' 8"
Depth of hold    16' 3"
Upper gun deck    28 X 32 pounders
Quarterdeck    14 X 32 pounders
Forecastle    8 X 32 pounders
Complement    450 - 500
Built by    Pembroke Dockyard
Ordered    1844
Keel laid    January 1846
Launched    20th June 1849

In 1860 she was lengthened as a screw frigate.

She was hulked in 1874 when she replaced the frigate HMS Chichester as the Shaftesbury Homes' training ship. At that time the Shaftesbury Homes was known 'The National Refuges for Destitute Children' - a society having it's origin in 1843. She continued in this role until 1932 when the four-masted Barque Peking took her place.
The frigate was broken up in 1934.

HMS Arethusa

                            HMS Arethusa in her days as a training ship.

The Four-Masted Barque Peking

The Peking under sail The Peking under sail.

The ship was built for the Flying 'P' line which was owned by F. Laeisz.

The ship was sold to the 'Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa Training Ship Company' in 1932.

The Peking was renamed Arethusa.

Built by    Blohm & Voss in Germany
Displacement    3152 tons gross
Length    373' 9" overall
Beam    46'6"
Draught    26' 5"
Launched    25th February 1911
Completed    16th May 1911

The ship's route whilst in service was Hamburg to Chile in South America carrying cargoes of Nitrate.

TS Arethusa on moorings

Arethusa ex Peking at Upnor in Kent.

This is the ship I joined on the 28th January 1960 at the age of 13½ years, and left to join HMS Ganges in 9th January 1962.

Arethusa is now part of the ships on show in New York USA and is again called the Peking.
TS Arethusa on her moorings at Upnor on the river Medway.